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Welcome to our Autumn Season 2021.

We’re thrilled to announce our new autumn season featuring the usual great mix of theatre, music, dance and family events. Take a look below to see the broad range of work on offer – from regional and national theatre companies, talented musicians, inspiring storytellers and one anarchist cook.

Although currently there isn’t any legal requirement to follow many of the Covid precautions we’ve become accustomed to over the past year, many of our village halls and community venues may ask that audiences adhere to some precautions while attending our events. To find out more about venue specific requirements please contact the local promoter for the relevant performance.

We can’t be sure what the months ahead hold, but we live in hope that the autumn season will go ahead as planned and that we’ll share many more moments of joy in our village halls again soon.

The Highlights Team – September 2021

An e-copy of our brochure can be downloaded here – Autumn Season 2021 Brochure.

List of events

Scratch the surface of all the tales we have heard since childhood and we find...

St Thomas Church Hall, Stanhope - 21 Oct

Shap Memorial Hall - 22 Oct

Shilbottle Community Hall - 23 Oct

Scarth Memorial Hall - 24 Oct

Tender, honest and exquisitely naughty. Liz Cotton strums a life’s worth of songs, anxieties, humour...

Dufton Village Hall - 23 Oct

Soulby Village Hall - 24 Oct

Great Whittington Village Hall - 29 Oct

Amble Parish Hall - 30 Oct

Wark Town Hall & Mechanics Institute - 31 Oct

The Bookshop Band are the offspring of an artistic love-affair between a duo of English...

Cotherstone Village Hall - 28 Oct

St John’s Church (Spittal Community Centre) - 29 Oct

The Cheviot Centre, Wooler - 30 Oct

Edmundbyers Village Hall - 31 Oct

Taking plaice in Frankie’s chippy in Whitley Bay, we join Bob and Brenda serving up...

Frosterley Village Hall - 30 Oct

Middleton & Todridge Village Hall - 31 Oct

Kentmere Institute - 6 Nov

Wetheral Village Community Hall - 7 Nov

Port Elizabeth, the 1960s: brother and sister Johnnie and Hester Smits have not seen each...

Kirkby Stephen Sports & Social Club - 5 Nov

The Community Hall at Grizebeck - 6 Nov

Helsington & Brigsteer Village Hall - 7 Nov

Hefted is a play by David Lane, embedded in the landscape, history and psyche of...

UTASS, Middleton in Teesdale - 6 Nov

Melmerby Village Hall - 7 Nov

It’s time for Planes, Trains and Automob-meals (sorry!). During an evening of live cooking and...

Crosby Ravensworth Village Hall - 10 Nov

Alston Town Hall - 11 Nov

Troutbeck Institute - 12 Nov

Mickleton Village Hall - 13 Nov

Felton Village Hall - 14 Nov

Poet and comedian Kate Fox once thought receiving a positive diagnosis for autism had as...

The Hearth, Horsley - 17 Nov

Allendale Village Hall - 18 Nov

Scarth Memorial Hall - 19 Nov

St Thomas Church Hall, Stanhope - 20 Nov

Forget everything you think you know about string quartets; Bowjangles is an irreverent, anarchic group...

Armathwaite Old School Hall - 18 Nov

Appleby HUB - 19 Nov

St Cuthberts Church, Norham - 20 Nov

Whittingham Memorial Institute - 21 Nov

‘Sometimes it feels so exposing just walking in the village. I told Jimmy to ignore...

Skirwith Village Hall - 19 Nov

Barningham Village Hall - 20 Nov

Kirkby Stephen Sports & Social Club - 21 Nov

Arnside Educational Institute - 27 Nov

Meet a demanding queen, an array of wannabe princesses, an unknown girl who is blown...

Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall - 23 Nov

In Long Lost Home, bold, exotic and impressive Dariah Kulesh swaps the folk clubs of...

Appleby HUB - 25 Nov

Watson Institute, Castle Carrock - 26 Nov

Great Whittington Village Hall - 27 Nov

Wingates Village Institute - 28 Nov

The Holly and Ivy Midwinter Roadshow presents songs, stories, dances and customs associated with Midwinter,...

Middleton & Todridge Village Hall - 2 Dec

Hepscott Parish Hall - 3 Dec

Heads Nook Village Hall - 4 Dec

Bolton Memorial Hall - 5 Dec

Wark Town Hall & Mechanics Institute - 9 Dec

Shap Memorial Hall - 12 Dec

A blockbuster, adventure and rom com rolled into one. Desert Island Flicks sees two leading...

Skirwith Village Hall - 2 Dec

Allendale Village Hall - 3 Dec

Felton Village Hall - 4 Dec

Lesbury Village Hall - 5 Dec

The Opera Dudes in festive mood – The Opera Dudes Christmas Special. Il Divo meets...

St John’s Church (Spittal Community Centre) - 3 Dec

Shilbottle Community Hall - 4 Dec

Alston Town Hall - 5 Dec

Helsington & Brigsteer Village Hall - 10 Dec

Watson Institute, Castle Carrock - 11 Dec

Wreay Village Hall - 12 Dec

Martin Harley has been making music and touring the world for over two decades. His...

Crosby Ravensworth Village Hall - 9 Dec

Murton Village Institute - 10 Dec

Wingates Village Institute - 11 Dec

Bowes & Gilmonby Parish Hall - 12 Dec

Alison Neil (enchanting performer, award-winning playwright and Highlights regular) tells the story of The Railway...

Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall - 9 Dec

Amble Parish Hall - 10 Dec

Arnside Educational Institute - 11 Dec

Upper Weardale Town Hall - 12 Dec

List of dates