Young Promoters

Are you interested in the Creative Industries and the Arts and Culture Sector? We’re looking for young people aged 12 – 25yrs to become Young Promoters and work behind the scenes, helping to programme, publicise and host live events across Cumbria, County Durham and Northumberland.

Highlights offers you the chance to develop your understanding of the arts, events management and your community. You may want to get involved with the production and technical side, you may want to help with the PR and marketing, or you may want to write reviews for live theatre, music or dance performances. Talk to us about where we can help you develop your skills best.

“I would definitely recommend it to anyone around my age – late teens to early 20’s – who are studying in the creative industries, or just starting out, wanting to work in the creative industries”.

“I’ve learnt a lot of communication skills whilst doing interviews and talking to people.”

The UK’s creative industries are world leading and offer significant and varied employment opportunities for young people. They build on a range of enjoyable skills including literacy, visual expression, technical skills, and imagination. They also incorporate industries as varied as architecture, gaming and IT, marketing, film and television, libraries and museums and more. In 2018, the Creative Industries grew more than twice the rate of all other industries in the UK and accounted for more than 6% of all employment. They are highly future proof, using uniquely human skills. UK creative industries generate more than £100bn a year to the UK economy and employ more than 2m people.

Young promoters in action

Young Promoters, Louise Jordan, Shap Memorial Hall Cumbria 2021

Young Promoters workshop, Shilbottle Primary School, Northumberland 2021

Young Promoters workshop, Shilbottle Primary School, Northumberland 2021

Young Promoters, Louise Jordan Shap Memorial Hall, Penrith Cumbria, 2021

Young Promoter, Louise Jordan, Shap Memorial Hall, Penrith Cumbria 2021

Young Promoters workshop, Shilbottle Primary School, Northumberland, 2021

Young Promoters, Slanjayva Danza, Shap Memorial Hall, Penrith, Cumbria 2022


“Highlights has been incredible – organising everything, from tickets to transport, and so enthusiastic about offering me opportunities and experience I might otherwise never have got. This opportunity to help with the Young Promoter work is so valuable and I’m enjoying it immensely.”

“This is an amazing project and it has been so much fun getting involved with, I hope I can continue to do this at some point in the future when I have more time.”

“Such a valuable experience”

“Really helps build your skills portfolio”

“It’s good to hear about other people’s experiences”.

“A big challenge was my confidence and when I got to a venue, using my initiative to go and find a job to do”.



Find out more

Read this fascinating article by Ruth Short, a 3rd Year Drama and Theatre Studies student at Aberystwyth University. Ruth joined Highlights in July ’21 for our final performance with Louise Jordan and her show, Florence at Shap Memorial Hall and met Louise to discuss her work and motivations as a musician and theatre maker.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or having a Young Promoters workshop, email Kate at [email protected].

In delivering our Young Promoters’ Scheme Highlights adheres to a Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults policy which can be found on our Corporate Governance page.