Looking towards to the future

2020 did not pan out as anyone expected. At Highlights we programmed and cancelled far too many shows and we said a socially distanced farewell to retiring co-director, Rosie Cross. But we also learnt how to engage with our communities in different ways and we supported our artists, holding them at the very centre of what we do, helping to ensure that they will return to our halls in the future.

And in 2021, amidst our third national lockdown, Highlights travels forward with hope and resilience.

We have programmed a Spring season, with events starting on Thursday 4 March. We know that these early performances are particularly at risk of cancellation and we will be monitoring numbers and government guidance continuously. We are in close contact with our companies and our volunteer promoters and the website will have all the latest information. If events are cancelled then all online ticket bookings will be refunded in full.

We are delighted that so many of our venues feel confident enough to join us on this journey. And that some are embracing our new venture, offering craft workshops with regional artists. If and when events go ahead, they will look different. Audiences will be smaller, venues might feel less intimate, there may not be cake. But there will be a warm welcome, our artists will perform with the same heart and passion as always and together we will breathe life into our village halls once again.

Updated 6/01/2021 – The Highlights Team

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