What’s on

This Spring, as the days get longer and the evenings lighter, we welcome some of the brightest artists to our halls. From creative cooking with comedian George Egg to apocalyptic quiz shows with Box of Tricks Theatre, from acoustic 80s with The Peas to juggling life in Home Sweet Home, from a Pontin’s holiday camp in Venus to one-woman Shakespeare in Nearly Lear … we hope that the season offers something to entice you all.

List of events

Part-Iranian, part-Welsh, part-who cares, part-everybody-cares: Home Sweet Home uses circus, stand-up and plenty of true-to-life...

Felton Village Hall - 27 Feb

St Thomas Church Hall, Stanhope - 28 Feb

Appleby Public Hall - 29 Feb

Letters from the Front is a touching and personal performance inspired by the story of...

The Coniston Institute - 27 Feb

Wreay Village Hall - 28 Feb

UTASS, Middleton in Teesdale - 29 Feb

Whittingham Memorial Institute - 1 Mar

A heart-warming and hilarious tale of journeys taken and not taken, of regrets and celebrations,...

Dent Memorial Hall - 5 Mar

Edmundbyers Village Hall - 6 Mar

Orton Market Hall - 7 Mar

Soulby Village Hall - 8 Mar

Meet Jonny: teacher, father and football fan. He’s an artist, campaigner, and deaf. He wishes...

Watson Institute, Castle Carrock - 7 Mar

The story of Hannah Mitchell’s journey from a remote hilltop farm in the Derbyshire moorlands...

Lazonby Village Hall - 13 Mar

Barningham Village Hall - 14 Mar

The Cheviot Centre, Wooler - 15 Mar

Expect water-tight harmonising across a wonderful array of original cabaret songs with music from composers...

Casterton Village Hall - 18 Mar

Lesbury Village Hall - 19 Mar

Bolton Memorial Hall - 20 Mar

Heads Nook Village Hall - 22 Mar

It’s the final countdown. Landlady Kathy invites you to the last quiz night on earth...

Great Whittington Village Hall - 26 Mar

Hamsterley Village Hall - 27 Mar

Helsington & Brigsteer Village Hall - 28 Mar

Arnside Educational Institute - 29 Mar

The Peas take your guilty pop pleasures and give them a classy reworking! From Rick...

Armathwaite Old School Hall - 26 Mar

Crosby Ravensworth Village Hall - 27 Mar

Scarth Memorial Hall - 28 Mar

Frosterley Village Hall - 29 Mar

6 Feet, 3 Shoes is a celebration of friendship across borders, told through feisty, percussive...

Wetheral Village Community Hall - 1 Apr

Allendale Village Hall - 2 Apr

Appleby Public Hall - 3 Apr

Felton Village Hall - 4 Apr

Wark Town Hall & Mechanics Institute - 5 Apr

In a lonely graveyard, a desperate figure strikes a last ditch deal, fighting to save...

Whittingham Memorial Institute - 3 Apr

Bowes & Gilmonby Parish Hall - 4 Apr

Beasts and breadcrumbs, wolves and witches, frogs and fairies all join the fun in a...

Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall - 5 Apr

St Cuthberts Church, Norham - 7 Apr

UTASS, Middleton in Teesdale - 8 Apr

The inspiring story of a shepherd who plants a forest, acorn by acorn, transforming a...

Wingates Village Institute - 22 Apr

Dent Memorial Hall - 23 Apr

The Coniston Institute - 24 Apr

Crosby Ravensworth Village Hall - 25 Apr

All aboard! Family singer songwriter David Gibb is proud to be the driver of the...

Kirkby Stephen Sports & Social Club - 23 Apr

Tender, honest and exquisitely naughty. Liz Cotton strums a life’s worth of songs, anxieties, humour...

Dufton Village Hall - 23 Apr

Lazonby Village Hall - 24 Apr

Amble Parish Hall - 25 Apr

Wark Town Hall & Mechanics Institute - 26 Apr

As a child, Dan lost a holiday camp dancing competition. This is his chance to...

Askham & Helton Community Centre - 25 Apr

Born out of the Parisian Old-time and Bluegrass music scene, this young trio infuse original...

Levens Village Institute - 7 May

Water Yeat Village Hall - 8 May

Cotherstone Village Hall - 9 May

The Cheviot Centre, Wooler - 10 May

Zoë Gilby is a vocalist and songwriter, and she’s making a stunning impression on the...

Burgh by Sands Parish Hall - 14 May

Hallbankgate Village Hall - 15 May

Upper Weardale Town Hall - 16 May

Hepscott Parish Hall - 17 May

What if the great and tragic story of King Lear were to be told by...

Frosterley Village Hall - 29 May

Middleton & Todridge Village Hall - 30 May

Amble Parish Hall - 31 May

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