Young Promoter Review – Beyond Caring, Casterton Village Hall

This season we have a student from Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale volunteering with us, to gain Young Promoter experience towards her Gold Arts Award. You can read Olivia’s review of Beyond Caring below, which she saw at Casterton Village Hall, Cumbria.

We’d like to say a big thanks to our Promoters Kathryn, Debbie and Matthew at Orton, Arnside and Casterton who have very generously supported this season’s Young Promoter, Olivia, from Queen Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale. With their help at venues, Olivia has been able to help back stage, meet artists/companies and find out about the work involved in running and coordinating events.

Beyond Caring was a bittersweet production about a care home, and three people connected in and through it; Queenie, a resident of Cedar Point Care Home, Elaine, a relative of someone who is in the care home, and Alex, one of the carers. This production seamlessly binds together three quite different points of view through their props and costume. The thought-provoking storylines brings about topics such as losing loved ones and caring for yourself as well as caring for others. Even though it had just three cast members and one set stage, this production managed to create a hugely different feel for each person’s scenes, and there were several definite locations clearly presented. To balance out the hard truth of work at a care home and the difficult conversations which come alongside it, the show has lots of lighthearted humor, and heartwarming connections. Based on interviews with care home staff and residents, this show brings together stories rarely spotlighted, but immensely important to recognize.

Olivia Hubbard, November 2023

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