Olivia Hubbard Young Promoter – Arts Award pov

We’d like to thank Olivia Hubbard for sending us this reflection on her time with Highlights. Olivia joined us as a Young Promoter at several Cumbria Village Hall venues in the Autumn season, 2023. She interviewed a number of arts professionals about their work and roles within shows and you can read the articles here. Olivia is a Year 9 student at Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale and was gaining skills and experience for her Arts Award.


Highlights offers you the chance to develop your understanding of the arts, events management and your community. You may want to get involved with the production and technical side, you may want to help with the PR and marketing, or you may want to write reviews for live theatre, music or dance performances.Talk to us about where we can help you develop your skills best.

“Such a valuable experience.”

“Highlights gives a lot of flexibility and options.”

“Really helps build your skills portfolio.”

“It’s good to hear about other people’s experiences.”

“A big challenge was my confidence and when I got to a venue, using my initiative to go and find a job to do.”

“I did find it fun once I got over my nerves, I did learn a lot. I did not expect to take this much away from it.”

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