Schools feedback from Music workshops- Supriya Nagarajan

We’ve had some wonderful feedback about Music workshops in October, with the musician/composer Supriya Nagarajan. Supriya visited Wolsingham School and Stanhope Barrington CofE Primary School, in County Durham. Thanks as always, to Head teachers and Class teachers, for giving us feedback as this helps us build the programme for future workshops.

Teachers said..

  • This was a new experience for our children, it introduced them to a different culture and music.

The children most enjoyed listening to Supriya sing and listening to her talk about her background.

  • The children are now more aware of the diversity around culture and music.
  • This workshop was well paced and inclusive with the children and staff who attended. I think the timing was just right.

Children said…

  • ‘I couldn’t believe how she could speak/sing in lots of different languages.’
  • ‘I liked hearing about where and who she sings with.’

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