Schools feedback from Poetry workshops- Sarah Crutwell

We’ve had some great feedback about Poetry workshops back in October, with the performance poet Sarah Crutwell. Sarah visited three schools new to Highlights, in County Durham – Tanfield School, Tanfield Lea Primary School and Catchgate Primary School, in Stanley.

Thanks as always, to Head teachers and Class teachers, for giving us feedback as this helps us build the programme for future workshops.

Teachers said…

The workshops allowed children to develop their poetry writing and performing skills. (They were) able to discuss their mental wellbeing.

The children most enjoyed the interactions between poet and themselves. Creativity within activities.

Some pupils began to build their confidence in their writing and performing of poetry and general participation was at a good level, pupils learnt skills which were involved within their poetry.

Children said…

  • “I enjoyed this workshop because it allowed me to write poetry, which I enjoy doing.”
  • “I liked working with my partner to write some poetry and the positive I see for myself.”


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