Schools feedback from Dance workshops – Meta4Dance

Thanks to teachers for taking the time to let us know thoughts and feedback, from workshops in Artists in schools. This helps us inform the artists and companies we work with, our funders and Board and helps us improve the Participate Programme, to keep it growing.

Charlie Dunne of Meta4Dance, led some workshops in late January 2024, with Shilbottle Primary School and Longhoughton CE Primary School in Northumberland.

  • Charlie led an excellent session that incorporated so much more than dnce, including teamwork and spatial awareness.

  • After a series of warm-up activities, Charlie guided the children to express and develop their own movements.
  • Charlie also gave a question and answer session, which was really beneficial as children were interested about his dance career and how he started his business.
  • Lots of laughs, giggles and expressions throughout the session and all children commented that they enjoyed the session.
  • This was an exellent and very engaging session that children have taken into their PE Dance lessons.
  • The spatial awareness aspect was beneficial, but working cooperatively, as part of a team, as helped gel a mixed year group class.


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