Ruth Short Young Promoter – Arts Career pov

We’d like to thank Ruth Short for sending us this reflection on her time with Highlights. Ruth joined us as a Young Promoter back in the Summer of 2021 and worked with musician, actor and theatre maker, Louise Jordan, while she was touring her show Florence. At the time, Ruth was a 3rd Year Drama and Theatre Studies student at Aberystwyth University, looking for professional portfolio experience in the creative industries.

Highlights offers you the chance to develop your understanding of the arts, events management and your community. You may want to get involved with the production and technical side, you may want to help with the PR and marketing, or you may want to write reviews for live theatre, music or dance performances.Talk to us about where we can help you develop your skills best.

“I would definitely recommend it to anyone around my age – late teens to early 20’s – who are studying in the creative industries, or just starting out, wanting to work in the creative industries”.

“I’ve learnt a lot of communication skills whilst doing interviews and talking to people.”


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