Animation Resources

Atom and Luna

Highlights was one of eight rural touring companies and venues from across England who got together to support Murray Lachlan Young and new company Funnelwick Limb to create a whole new story world which can be enjoyed by audiences wherever they are. To find out more about the story, sign up to the Funnelwick Limb newsletter at

Arcus Studios, Newcastle Upon Tyne

We created a series of five animations for BBC Learning all about plants, for key stage 2 science. The animations are full of colourful flowers, plants and critters and cover a range of topics.  From the importance of bees, to the multitude of ways that seeds are dispersed. Watch here

Animex International Festival of Animation, VXF & Games

Presented by Teesside University, the Tees Valley’s international festival of animation, VFX and games is returning in 2022 as an in-person event once again for the biggest Animex Festival to date!