My Minute of Listening

Back in June 2020, Highlights hosted a remote Sound Score workshop as part of World Environment Day. Our project used Sound and Music’s #CovidScoreChallenge by composer Dr Liz Dobson, who is director of the Yorkshire Sound Women Network and a senior lecturer in Music Technology at The University of Huddersfield. As part of our Creative Engagement activities, we were in touch with our Youth Groups and schools across Cumbria, Northumberland and County Durham. You can see/listen to the drawings, scores and recordings we’ve received below. 

In Spring Term 2021, our Creative Engagement Officer Kate, delivered Music workshops with all the Key Stage 2 children at Shilbottle Primary School in Northumberland, making Sound Scores and recordings in their school environment. Here is their Digital Exhibition: 


We also received some wonderful artwork and audio recordings, from children in Allendale, Northumberland:

Tom Clarke – Year 5 Allendale Primary School

Submission for My Minute of Listening

Take a listen to Tom’s recording:

William Graham – Year 2 Whitehaven, Cumbria

William Graham's submission for My Minute of Listening

Audio recorded with sister Holly in their garden:

Evie & Alice Maughan (ages 9 & 11) – Allendale, Northumberland

Evie and Alice recorded this from their house door one night in lockdown, after hearing several owls communicating with each other from various distances away.

Owl by Alice Maughan

Owl by Alice Maughan

Bertie – Year 2, Tirril, Cumbria

Bertie’s one minute of listening score moves in a clockwise direction like a story, with close sounds as the inner part of each ring in blue trickling water working outwards to green trees and birds in each ring.