Kema Sikazwe – Q&A by Year 6 pupils from Shilbottle Primary School

In November, musician, actor and writer Kema Sikazwe joined Highlights to deliver participatory workshops at Shilbottle, Seahouses and Stanhope Barrington Primary Schools. At Shilbottle, the children created a song and they also had the chance to ask Kema some questions about his life and his music…

Can you beatbox? I can’t… well I’ve never really tried so who knows?

What school did you go to? I went to a school called Westgate community college. It’s no longer around now it’s now called Excelsior Academy.

Where are you from? Zambian born but bred in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Do you have your own studio? I do have my own studio where I record my music. I also have other people record when I’m not working on my own stuff.

Have you performed in front of a crowd? All the time, its second nature to me now, I still get nervous but love performing.

Who is your rapper idol? Eminem was the reason I got into Rap, my taste in music has changed over the years but he’s still one of the best for me.

When did you first get noticed for your rapping?  When I was in school I wrote a song about the passing of my mother, it was the first time people acknowledged my music. I knew from then this was my path.

Do you write your own music? I do yes! Everything you hear from me I’ve wrote.

Have you ever met a rapper? Yes I’ve met so many, the list is way too long!

Are there any genres of music you dislike? I don’t think I dislike any type of music because I can appreciate all art forms for what they can do but I don’t understand heavy metal that’s one style I can’t really get into.

Highlights offers a wide ranging participation programme alongside its events, organising and delivering creative engagement projects and workshops across Cumbria, County Durham and Northumberland – for more information please see the Participate pages of our website.

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