Feedback from Schools – Rob Gee, Kevin King of Egypt

Rob has brought some inspirational Poetry workshops to schools in Northumberland (Shilbottle and Allendale) and in Cumbria (Kirkby Stephen) alongside his Highlights tour with performances of Kevin, King of Egypt across the counties. Thanks to Arts Coordinator Karen Kelly at Shilbottle Primary School, for these photos of Key Stage 2 children and their teacher Mr Philips, with our Director Kate Lynch sitting in. This feedback helps Highlights programme further workshops in schools and reflects the impact and value for children, in working with artists and learning creatively.

Teachers said –

“Excellent strategies on how to build ideas and then use them to create poetry.”

“Children enjoyed all activities, but especially liked the freedom that was given to generate ideas and play with words and sentences.”

“All classes are looking to build on the ideas created in the workshop and create a final poem for publishing.”

“When the children were told that we would have a poetry workshop, they weren’t all that excited. But Rob managed to get them interested in what he had to say and in poetry in general – they were really engaged in all parts of the workshop and participated extremely well in the creative part – creating and performing their own poems, which is a great success.”

Children enjoyed “Humour, realistic expectations, and the parameters that Rob set for their poems. Rob’s personality was very addictive and the children enjoyed working and performing for him.”

“We needed more time – more children wanted to perform for Rob.”

“All children have managed to write one poem; some children managed to write two poems.”

“We need to add more poetry to Y5 Autumn term. Rob’s approach to poetry lightens it for children and unlocks hidden potential.”

“We really enjoyed this workshop. Thank you Rob!”


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