Feedback from Primary Schools – Maddie Morris

We’re always delighted to get feedback from Schools about Participate workshops we offer by touring artists and companies each season and from local artist practitioners and companies. Here are some comments from children and teachers who participated in Maddie’s Folk Music workshops this month. Maddie worked with over 100 children across schools in Cumbria and Northumberland.

“Everyone was engaged and enthusiastic. All (were) involved and (the workshop was) pitched very well for the mixed age group.”

“The children really enjoyed listening to and playing instruments they had never had the opportunity to play before and they enjoyed singing and playing.”

“The students particularly enjoyed meeting a professional musician and her hands on approach.”

“The outcomes were increased awareness of different genres of music. It was aspiration raising. There was enthusiasm for instrument tuition.”

“The children learnt how different instruments make music. They learnt what folk music is and they learnt how to work together as a team to produce a song.”

Children’s feedback “It was so much fun. I loved it. I loved playing the accordion. Maddie was really cool.”

“Living in a rural area of Northumberland, these are exactly the workshops we need to immerse our children into different cultural beliefs/ careers etc.”

“They loved Maddie’s style of music and impressed her with their own sea shanty.”

“I’m so grateful for Gary, the Head of Shilbottle (Primary School) for introducing us to the workshops. They are amazing and I cant speak any more highly or the artists and the organization and more importantly the affordability. Thank you.”


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