Feedback from Music workshops – Kema Sikazwe

We’ve had some very positive feedback from youth groups and schools working with Kema, since last July and our recent September workshops. Children and young people are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings and find their voice in the workshops with Kema and share their stories.

At our October 3rd AMG at Brough Memorial Hall, we’ll be sharing a short film made by Carlisle Youth Zone, who worked with Kema recently over several workshops, developing some very poignant creative writing with young people from Carlisle and surrounding villages. Please get in touch with Dawn, if you’d be interested to attend – [email protected]

Young people and staff said benefits of the workshops were:

“Joy from writing together. Confidence in producing something yourself. And the opportunity to meet an artist and learn from them.”

Having their ideas being put into a song.”

 The workshop was incredibly positive and I was very impressed with how Kema communicated with our young people, finding the perfect balance between [managing] a session and allowing open, vulnerable discussions in a time frame.”

“Thanks so much again for the opportunity and Kema has absolutely made a difference to our music provision here at CYZ, we’d love to have him back in the future!” 

  • “Children were wowed by working with a rapper, new music form to many! Kema took our Christian Vision and Values and created a rap that we can use everyday!”

The children enjoyed “Having a finished product, a song! Listening to Kema perform too!”

“Excellent quality of leading. Excellent for relationships at the beginning of the school year. Explored themes around bullying and inclusion in an exciting engaging open theatre forum.”

The children enjoyed Kema’s “Vibrant personality with a great backstory. He is relatable and young.”

“Not everyone participated in the acting bit and more may have liked to. Although all involved in lots of other ways through audience participation.”

The outcomes were “Self-esteem, confidence, thought provoking, morality”. 

Children said “Loved it! Liked Kema”.

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