Easington Academy – World of Work Week

This month, our Creative Engagement Officer Kate, will be visiting Easington Academy, to talk to KS3 students, from Year 7 – 10, about working in the Creative Arts sector and opportunities to get involved through our Young Promoter scheme. Easington Academy, on the East coast, in Easington Village County Durham, is part of the North East Learning Trust with 752 students.

Their World of Work Week develops relationships with post-16 providers, Organisations, Employers and Universities across the region, in helping to inspire their students about their futures and the variety of progression routes they can take into the world of work. There are showcases from the various sectors and the vast career opportunities within each sector. Some of the key aims for students:

Career Exploration:

Exposure to Various Professions: Students get the chance to explore a wide range of professions and industries, helping them discover potential career paths.

Real-world Insights: Interaction with professionals allows students to gain practical insights into different careers, helping them make informed decisions about their future.

Building Connections: Students have the opportunity to network with professionals, which can be valuable for future job searches, internships, and mentorship opportunities.

Education Pathways:

Information on Post-16 Options: Students can learn about various post-16 education and training options, including vocational courses, apprenticeships, and higher education.

Skill Development:

Soft Skills: Interacting with employers and post-16 providers helps students develop soft skills such as communication, networking, and professionalism.

Motivational Impact:

Meeting successful professionals can inspire students, motivating them to set and achieve higher educational and career goals.




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