A Big ‘Thank You!’

Well, we got there! We had a few false starts but, as of last night, Highlights Rural Touring have presented 41 live indoor performances, 10 art workshops, 9 schools workshops, 1 school performance and supported 4 outdoor performances since 22 May 2021.

There have been many moments when we didn’t think it would happen, when our energy for rescheduling yet again was pushed right to its limit.  But the sheer joy felt by both artists and audiences to be back in shared spaces for live events has been unbound, and we are thrilled to have experienced the magic of rural touring again.

We are so grateful to all of you who came on this journey with us, either as an artist, an agent, a promoter or an audience member. Running events in the world right now is complicated and messy, it adds a layer of responsibility that we don’t underestimate. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Here at Highlights HQ we are taking a short breather for the summer. The office is open, but we’re also taking holidays and preparing ourselves for the winter months. We have scheduled a full Autumn season and we hope to be announcing that in early September.

We very much hope that you enjoy your summer too, that you stay safe and that we see you in a village hall again very soon.

With huge thanks and all best wishes,

Kate, Heather, Kate H and Matt

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