Feedback from schools – Robin Webb Animation

In November, over 50 children at Frosterley and Shilbottle Primaries have been learning new creative skills in Animation with Robin Webb, with some delightful results! Thanks to Headteacher Clare Carr at Frosterley Primary School, part of the Dales Partnership of schools in County Durham, for letting us share the children’s films. Thanks to teachers at both schools for giving us feedback about the workshops.

Teachers said –

“The children really enjoyed the practical elements which included looking at Zoetropes.”

“Robin created an animation with the children using stop motion. All children were offered a chance to take part and we were given a digital copy of the animation afterwards.”

“Children were very enthusiastic about the project once they understood a little bit about what stop motion involved. They were proud of the final animation produced with the support of Robin.”

“Robin was very knowledgeable and keen to answer the children’s questions.”

  • “The children learnt a lot, worked co-operatively and are very pleased with the finished animation.”
  • “Children were very engaged.”
  • “They most enjoyed the creative process and seeing their work come to life.”

“This was a new artform which used digital resources to create and record an animation.”

  • “They didn’t want to take breaks as they were keen to keep working. One child declared that it was their best day at school ever.”

“We shared the children’s outcome via Class Dojo (a closed messaging system for parents)”

Children said –

“It was fun! I loved making the video.”

“It looks like we’re floating! Can we do it again?”

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