Young Promoter Review – Slanjayvah Danza

Review of 6 Feet, 3 Shoes – Wednesday 11th May, Shap Memorial Hall 

Last night, I had the opportunity to go and see one of Jen Wren’s productions, 6 Feet, 3 Shoes. An amazing mix of Spanish and Scottish dancing cultures, Slanjayvah Danza produced an incredible performance for the whole family. With a professional set-up, including lighting which added to the atmosphere, the proximity of the audience to the performers gives you an in-depth experience. 

Through the medium of dance, the evening told the story of Jen Wren and her 2 friends, and how they met and how their friendship blossomed over time. The evening finished off with an energy-filled Ceilidh where everyone was encouraged to take part!  

I would definitely recommend this for an incredible immersive night out for friends and family, young and old alike.  Bella Hubbard

Slanjayvah Danza Shap Memorial Hall May 22 Photo BH

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