Young Promoter review – Clare Sands, Murton Village Hall

Our Young Promoter Suzanne, has been to Murton Village Hall on Sunday to see Clare Sands perform. Thanks to Tina Wragg our Highlights Promoter, for welcoming Suzanne to the hall.

Clare Sands put on an engaging show that very much included the audience into her performance making the an show extremely interesting and upbeat mix of music and conversation.

Clare’s performance was about her passion for being outdoors and one with nature and keeping the audience’s hopes and passions alive as well. It made her passion for the outdoors through her songs about her homeland and parts of her performance for Clare gave many anecdotes about wild swimming and her experience touring with her music as well as the fact that she wore a shell anklet to emphasize her connection to the sea and using it as an instrument and a beat for her songs.

I also talked with the sound technician Dan for a while before the show and asked him about his job, Dan is a very busy freelance sound engineer and does sound for a range of artists – from comedians to musicians and has worked in places from village halls to the Wembley arena.

He also shared many anecdotes about his experiences with me, for example, making friends with Peter Green from Fleetwood mac. Dan said that he would carry on doing his job as long as he got the nervous buzz when the performer came on stage. He said that when he no longer felt that shared excitement he would know it was time to stop.

When talking to Clare during the interval, I asked her what were the three things she enjoyed most about her job. She responded that meeting people she wouldn’t ordinarily meet, traveling around different parts of the world, and sharing her music with others, which is her passion.

I also asked Clare about her favourite part of performing live but also what was the worst experience! She said having the audience join in with her and become engaged in her music is the best part and she enjoys singing in Irish too, keeping the language alive. However, she said that show nerves were the worst part but she took three deep breaths before every show to calm herself and be able to perform to the best of her ability.

I asked Clare about her plans for the future are and she intends to keep on touring and sharing her music with whoever will listen. Follow the link after the bio, to find out about Clare’s forthcoming shows.

Finally I asked what tips she would give to a young person interested in becoming a performer. She told me she would tell them to keep going and take three deep breaths and carry on.

I found Clare’s performance extremely enjoyable and was impressed with her professionalism with her guitar playing, even after a string had broken! She played so well that you couldn’t even tell that there was a string gone.  I found Clare an extremely talented musician, performer, and a lovely person.

Article by Suzanne Nunn, May 2024

Channelling the music of her ancestors, Clare Sands is a unique force in Irish music. Weaving traditional roots with Contemporary sounds and influences, Sands sings for the young and the old, brave and the bold. By day, the award-winning young artist has an ever evolving and extraordinary eclectic musical career, whilst by night, Sands is an open water swimmer and black belt, holding several world medals representing Ireland in martial arts! Read more about her work HERE.



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