Rob Gee – Poetry workshops in Cumbria and Northumberland

We’re very excited that Rob Gee, who is touring his show Kevin, King of Egypt, will be working in schools in Cumbria and Northumberland as part of his visit in November.

Rob says “I believe, not only that every child has a right to be heard, but also that there is a direct connection between being able to listen to each other and improvements in literacy, as well as other areas of academic achievement. Young people are more likely to acquire and develop skills when they share control of the learning process. The most successful (and enjoyable!) projects I’ve been involved in have been the ones where artist, teacher and students have all been able share their ideas and skills. I don’t believe there has to be a conflict between process and outcome, because emphasis on process makes for a stronger outcome.”

We say ‘hello’ to an old friend, Allendale Primary School who will be working with Rob and he will also be giving Poetry workshops to children at Kirkby Stephen Primary School in Eden Valley and at Shilbottle Primary School in Northumberland.

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