Kema Sikazwe – theatre & music workshops in Cumbria

We welcome actor, musician Kema back to Highlights in June, for Forum Theatre and Rap Music workshops, in two new schools for Year 5/6 children- Yewdale Primary School and Hayton CE Primary School. We first worked with Hayton in Spring term this year, when they had a Creative Writing workshop with Yvonne Battle- Felton.

Kema will also be in discussion with our Young Promoter later in May, about his new role as a Board member for Gateway Studio in Gateshead.


Kema’s workshop was a great refresher on the anti-bullying work we have been doing in school.

The outcomes for the children were learning about group participation, knowledge building, confidence and communication skills.

The children enjoyed the whole session and enjoyed the fact that it was very active and that [Kema] was very inspiring.

They all enjoyed it, the quality of the teaching was excellent.

Photo permission from Allendale Primary School


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