Feedback from Primary Schools – Gav Cross Tell Tale Twit

Gav Cross brought his new show Tell Tale Twit to Highlights this season and also his fantastic workshops. Gav began with workshops in seven Cumbrian primary schools, supported by Eden District Council. Part 2 brought Gav into Northumberland Libraries and then to a five further schools in rural parts of County Durham and Northumberland, in the Highlights network, reaching over 250 children!

We’re always grateful to schools that give us feedback after workshops, as this helps us report to funders and our Board and to improve and develop our Participate programme for next year. Huge thanks for Gav, for sharing his creativeness and humour with us all!

“The children (and adults) were 100 % gripped by Gav and his stories and games. This kind of visit helps inspire children in their reading, writing and creativity.”

“A male role model is particularly inspirational for boys.”

“The quality of teaching and interaction was excellent.” The children thought Gav’s stories and unpicking of traditional tales and rhymes were simply hilarious. There was so much laughter and fun.”

“Just to thank Gav for the afternoon he spent with us. He was just brilliant!!”

“The children enjoyed the storytelling and are enthused by the stories.”

“The children most enjoyed the excitement of the story telling and a sense of performance – and the interaction with Gav.”

“We are going to be using the tips and hits that Gav shared with us to perform some poems at our Harvest Service thinking carefully about our audience and how to make it a performance rather than just reading it from a piece of paper.”

“Our children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and are still discussing it days later in school. Gav made a huge impression and they are really excited for him to return again. Gav is an experienced teacher and this is evident through how he engages with the children. We are delighted with the outcomes of the workshop.”

Feedback from children “”I was scared last year of the noise but really enjoyed it this year which shows I am more confident.”

“I love it!”

“I liked how he could build tension and anticipation in the room just by using his voice.”

“Gav said that if we feel angry we should just tell it out in a story rather than react in the wrong way.”

“It was really good fun and I’d love to able to entertain people like Gav when I’m older.”

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