Young Promoter Review – Miss Nobodies

On Sunday 27th March, our Young Promoter Bella Hubbard, saw Miss Nobodies, by comedian, writer and performance artist Ruth E Cockburn at Arnside Educational Institute. Read her review below!

On Sunday evening, I was lucky enough to be able to go and see ‘Miss Nobodies’ starring the incredible Ruth Cockburn.  Ruth not only starred in the show but also wrote the show. The show which was commissioned by Spot On (the Lancashire version of Highlights), was a mix of spoken poetry and song, with comedy laced into it.  

It told the story of the corner shop, taking us on a journey throughout the years it has been there, and the changes it had gone through. Each sketch gave us different stories and memories people had about the shop and its place within the community. 

I really enjoyed the show as Ruth was able to not only tell us stories, but whilst doing so, was able to change herself into the various people she was talking about. 

We were taken on an incredible journey. It covered history in a very interesting and different way, and I would really recommend it to anyone who is interested in spoken poetry and humour! BH, March 2022

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