Young Promoter Review – Mambo Jambo

Read the latest review from our Young Promoter, Bella who saw Mambo Jambo at Levens Village Institute on Thursday 28th April.

On Thursday night, I had the privilege of being able to see the incredible Frankie and Pete in Mambo Jambo at Levens Village Institute. These people are amazingly well-travelled musicians who have travelled to most corners of the earth, mixing with every style and culture of folk and blues musicians available.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many instruments played by two people in my life! Banjos, Acoustic Guitars, Tin Whistles, Flutes, Accordions, a Suitcase, and spoons…They played lots of international songs that you may recognize from your childhood playground. This show was a fun-filled music show, with lots of personal touches and stories added in between the songs.

They clearly are passionate about the music in which they play, and so I would definitely recommend this to anyone who would love a night out with friends and family accompanied by incredible music performed live. BH

Photo Bella Hubbard

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