Schools feedback – Ella Jarman – Pinto Music exploring workshops

Local composer/musician Ella Jarman – Pinto worked with us back in March 23, leading two Music exploring workshops for Early Years children, at Allendale Primary School and also visited with children at Nenthead Primary School. Ella gave the children lots of encouragement to explore and and enjoy their creativity.

Thank you to all the teachers for taking the time to give us feedback –


  • “The children absolutely loved it and it was interesting to see how we can use our voice to create different sounds and feelings which I may well use in future lessons.”
  • “Children were able to express themselves freely which is something they are unable to do in a more formal session.”
  • “They learnt new skills such as using their voice as an instrument.”

“Workshop outcomes were general participation, creativity and confidence building.”

Ella with EYFS children at Allendale Primary School, Northumberland


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