Q&A – Suzanne Nunn, Young Promoter

At Highlights HQ, we got together and put some questions to Suzanne, who worked with us for her Year 10 work experience week. Suzanne is a student at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School and she has been visiting schools, attending shows and interviewing artists, teachers and promoters across our current season of live performances and Participate workshops. She’s also been finding out about how our Charity Organisation works with our volunteer Promoters at Village Halls and the roles of some of the members of our small but busy team.

Kate H (Participate): Hi Suzanne!

Can you tell us why you were interested in working with an arts organisation for your work experience week and also, has it been what you were expecting?

Dawn: How have you found working in a variety of places (from home, the office, workshops, shows etc)?

Linnhe: You used Adobe Creative Suite to create the Noble Jacks video, which is the industry standard software for this kind of work. How did the hands-on experience differ from your expectations?

Susan: What has been the most surprising aspect of your work experience? Has it exceeded or fallen short of your expectations?

Kate L (Director): If you were to programme a Highlights event, what would you be most interested in programming? How would you describe Highlights to your friends?







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