Participate programme – Spring wrap up!

We’ve come to the end of a very busy Participate Spring term of 26 workshops!

We’ve worked with 10 artists/companies across the Spring school term in 11 schools, including touring artists and regionally based artists from our three counties and elsewhere in the North.

We’re delighted to have reached 56 students in Secondary schools this term, supporting Arts activities for GCSE and A Level students, as well as working with 4 new schools, altogether reaching over 570 children in rural schools. We’ve also delivered Careers Day talks and activities at Queen Katherine School in Kendal and at Easington Academy in County Durham.

We’ve also had some fantastic feedback from teachers, students and Young Promoters..

He crammed so much about storytelling into his session this morning.
If we could only have him for an hour a week, what a difference he’d make!

Gav’s very thoughtful content was perfect for an hour with a mixed age class. He sent a promotional video before arriving that was bespoke to our school. The children loved his workshop on story-telling which was very practical.

“I would definitely recommend it [Young Promoters scheme] to anyone around my age – late teens to early 20’s – who are studying in the creative industries, or just starting out, wanting to work in the creative industries”.

“I’ve learnt a lot of communication skills whilst doing interviews and talking to people.”

  • This was a new experience for our children, it introduced them to a different culture and music.

The children most enjoyed listening to Supriya sing and listening to her talk about her background.

  • The children are now more aware of the diversity around culture and music.
  • This workshop was well paced and inclusive with the children and staff who attended. I think the timing was just right.

The workshops allowed children to develop their poetry writing and performing skills. (They were) able to discuss their mental wellbeing.

The outcomes for the children were learning about group participation, knowledge building, confidence and communication skills.

The children enjoyed the whole session and enjoyed the fact that it was very active and that [Kema] was very inspiring.

The children most enjoyed the interactions between poet [Sarah Crutwell] and themselves. Creativity within activities.

Some pupils began to build their confidence in their writing and performing of poetry and general participation was at a good level, pupils learnt skills which were involved within their poetry.

Children said…

  • “I enjoyed this workshop because it allowed me to write poetry, which I enjoy doing.”
  • “I liked working with my partner to write some poetry and the positive I see for myself.”
Author Oliver Sykes, Ashington Academy March 2024

Author Oliver Sykes, Ashington Academy March 2024

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