Northumberland Libraries Tour feedback – Fishing for Rainbows

Children and their Teachers have been enjoying performances in Libraries, with author, performer, producer and poet Oliver Sykes, from his latest book, Fishing for Rainbows. Oliver also visited Ashington Academy students, to give a Creative Writing workshop for Participate.

“This was an opportunity to bring reading and writing to life.”

“The children found the performance to be very engaging, funny and interactive.”

“They loved listening to the author and having the chance to ask him questions about his work and experiences as an author.”

“The children had positive feedback about visiting the new library for the first time, meeting an author ‘in the flesh’ and having the chance to ask him questions.”

“They loved listening to the main story and poems, and found the experience to be very enjoyable. This will encourage many of the children to become more interested in reading and composing their own stories and poems.”

“We would love to return for similar events in the future. A session that gave the children to complete some of their own writing would be fantastic.”

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