Young Promoter Review – Matinee Murder

Bella Hubbard, of Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale is busy at Highlights this month, as part of her Young Promoters project. She sent us this fantastic review of Highly Suspect’s Matinee Murder show, which came to Shap’s Memorial Hall, on 6th March…

On Sunday night, I was lucky enough to be able to see Highly Suspect’s incredible take on the Longest Running Play ‘The Mousetrap’. Well I say I saw it, but it was more like I was part of it!  In front of my very eyes there was a murder and as the audience, we were all witness to this heinous crime. We now had one task and one task alone……work out who did it and why. With evidence and information provided, we had the duration of the rest of the performance to identify the murderer and motive, and strangely…a limerick! It wasn’t long before we had the name of our primary suspect, only to find out when we had the chance to cross-examine the suspect that our theory had no substance to it at all. Back to the drawing board and more discussion of the case, the big question remained………who could solve this mystery first?

 An interactive and fully immersive evening that is for both children and adults, with jokes for everyone and a fast pace that kept us totally engrossed.  I would absolutely recommend this, or any other show by Highly Suspect to any family who want an interesting and challenging mystery to crack and a funny, engaging evening.

Bella Hubbard, March 2022

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