Feedback from schools and community groups – Kema Kay

We’ve had some very positive feedback from youth leaders and teachers and are delighted these Music workshops with Kema Sikazwe have made such a big impact for young people working in mixed age group community youth groups, as well as in schools.

The workshop was incredibly positive and I was very impressed with how Kema communicated with our young people, finding the perfect balance between controlling a session and allowing open, vulnerable discussions in a time frame.

Thanks so much again for the opportunity and Kema has absolutely made a difference to our music provision here at CYZ, we’d love to have him back in the future!

I would just like to say how much my class enjoyed Kema and his workshop on Friday.
It was great to see more of a creative side to them and Kema was brilliant!

The children developed huge creativity and this will hopefully show more in their writing style.

The children were able to show their creative sides and do something that they have not really done before. The workshop also linked into to PSHE and English.

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