The Hotel Experience

Lila Dance

When the sun rises there is an important decision to make...

Check into The Hotel Experience in Appleby, where the ordinary and extraordinary stories of their guests are unpacked in a high energy, physically enthralling dance theatre show.

This hotel is not what it seems. As the clock ticks, the walls blur and dissolve, fragments of memory tumble into the room as the hotel staff are transformed to past friends and lovers. We invite you to peep behind the ‘do not disturb’ signs and
eavesdrop on the characters as the hotel accommodates their hopes and dreams.

‘Stunning dance, atmosphere and powerful storyline. World class.’ – Rural Touring audience member

* 2 for 1 Ticket Offer for 16-35 year olds

Social distancing and booking conditions
Due to social distancing, we ask that you book as a maximum of 6 people (who are happy to sit together).

Thank you for helping us to manage social distancing requirements.

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