The Death of the Great Detective

Highly Suspect

Join acclaimed mystery maestros Highly Suspect for a hilarious, immersive, and interactive murder mystery, which you – the audience – must solve! Featuring a fiendish plot, evidence to examine, cryptic clues to crack and four highly suspicious suspects, the game’s afoot but can you deduce whodunnit?

Audiences are invited to solve the seemingly impossible murder of Sherlock Holmes himself. Though it comes as a surprise to no-one but Doctor Watson that – shock horror – Holmes is alive and well.

Nevertheless, the game is afoot as Chief Inspector Scott Lanyard has been found shot, stabbed & strangled all inside a locked room. Holmes has enlisted help to crack the case alongside stalwart allies Mrs Hudson, brother Mycroft and Inspector Lestrade… but could the killer really be among them?

“A Cluedo style escapade complete with groan worthy puns and dastardly double entendres” – The Scotsman.

A supper is included in the ticket price of performances at Kentmere Institute, Amble Parish Hall and Hepscott Parish Hall – please contact the relevant venue for more information.

*online booking fee applies

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