The Adventures of Captain of the Lost Waves

Dweebs, Dingbats & Doodlebugs, welcome aboard!

The Adventures of Captain of the Lost Waves is a musical, storytelling-fuelled show which is different every time. Taking its inspiration from music hall, vaudeville and folk cabaret, fused with the modern twist of an intergalactic time detective’s travels. Where anthems, anecdotes and absurdity reign, expect improvisation and intuitive performance. A Captain show has been described as ‘like trying to describe the colour number 9…impossible, it has to be experienced to be believed’…

‘There really are no words in the English language to describe The Captain…he was born to be a showman, perhaps even a prophet’ – The Huffington Post

* 2 for 1 Ticket Offer for 16-35 year olds

Social distancing and booking conditions
Due to social distancing, we ask that you book as a maximum of 6 people (who are happy to sit together).

Thank you for helping us to manage social distancing requirements.

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