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One woman. 14 events. No idea...

Having never even been for a jog around the park, Lauren signed up to compete in the Tetra-Decathlon World Championships; committing to learn 14 different athletic events and then compete on the World stage, all in just 600 days.

Tetra-Decathlon is a funny and inspiring show in which Lauren explores the hurdles she faced en-route to the starting line. Mixing humorous storytelling with athletic physicality, Lauren runs, jumps, hurdles and throws herself into a world of serious amateurs and comedic coaches, where winning is not simply about crossing the line first.

Tetra-Decathlon a joyous exploration of coming last, and then coming back for more.

Following the show, audience members are invited to ask questions about the show and Lauren’s experiences of training and competing in the Tetra-Decathlon.

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Bursting with energy and told with winning cheer – The Guardian

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