The Princess and the Pea

tutti frutti

Meet a demanding queen, an array of wannabe princesses, an unknown girl who is blown into the palace by a gust of wind, and an indecisive prince under pressure to find his real princess and live happily ever after.

Set in the Museum of Forgotten Things, three musical curators tell the amazing tale of the museum’s artefacts including the mystery of a little green pea and how it got there. A fun-filled show packed with humour and memorable songs, including a romp through every type of princess you can imagine and hilarious costumes to match.

In this new and updated adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s popular story, Mike Kenny and the inventive tutti frutti team once again create a funny, original, and beautiful retelling of this familiar tale.

* 2 for 1 ticket offer available for 16-35 year olds.

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