Piece of Work

Attic Theatre Company

A new show from James Rowland featuring his captivating mix of theatre, comedy and music.
From Land’s End to Llandudno, Ipswich to Inverness James has been touring his storytelling theatre shows for half his adult life. This tour was different though. Returning home after his first stint away he received a letter that exploded his life and the tour became a search; for the person who sent it, for a sense of where he comes from and to maybe save a life.

In ‘Piece of Work’ James explores how the landscapes we exist in physically effect the way we think and feel. How searching for something is an end in itself regardless of whether the search is successful. It’s about our sense of home and the hope that makes our lives liveable.

Through music, song and story it will paint a picture of our country in all of its beauty, grime, pain and kindness. This remarkable road trip follows James critically acclaimed ‘Learning To Fly’ and ‘Friendship Trilogy’.

The performance includes mentions of mental health problems including suicide but coached within James’ usual gentle and jovial style.

“Rowland is always attuned to the room. Jokes arrive at just the right time, as if he is twisting a pressure gauge; wordplay, sight gags and rhapsodies about Proustian chicken burgers release the tension.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – the Guardian

“Rowland’s effortless charm and natural skills as a raconteur mean that you’re never sure which way this tale is going to turn in the telling.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – British Theatre Guide

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