Oh La La! Fifi La Mer

Fifi La Mer

Fifi la Mer are here to take you on a toe-tapping tribute to French music.

Along the way, Fifi la Mer tell the story of the humble beginnings of the ‘Musette’ (Parisian folk) in poorer Parisian areas, the Italians moving to Paris with their accordions, Offenbach music being played in more lavish venues, the chanson realist in Montmartre, songs from the first world war, the crazy 20s, Edith Piaf’s classic French ‘chanson’, and finally 60s/70s French pop.

Featuring the vocals and accordion of Stephanie Mair and the clarinet and tenor sax of Olly Wilby, Fifi la Mer are among the best musicians in this style in the UK.

* 2 for 1 Ticket Offer for 16-35 year olds

Social distancing and booking conditions
Please only book tickets for your household/support bubble (up to a maximum of 6). If you would like to book on behalf of friends as well, please do this in a separate booking so that our local promoter knows to seat you apart from each other.

Thank you for helping us to manage social distancing requirements.

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