Dominic Kelly

It’s 1868. Morten is a discharged soldier scraping a living on his croft on the edge of Sweden’s ancient forests. His life is blighted by insomnia and troubles made up largely in his own head.
Suddenly he begins to suffer nightmares. A friend tells him he’s plagued by a Mara – a possessed person who visits another in spirit form as they sleep. To free himself from a Mara, he must discover their identity.

But who is it?

Funny, unsettling and moving, this solo storytelling performance is…

a whodunnit

a deep dive into the dreamscape of Swedish folklore

a delve into our oldest forests

a journey through our tortuous relationship with sleep

And an exploration of what it might mean to be really awake

You’ll be transported, entertained, immersed… and a walk in the woods might never feel the same again.

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“Storyteller Dominic Kelly catches the mood with unerring skill as he builds an atmosphere of excitement…” – Dorset Echo
“Compelling, funny and heartbreaking”
“Gripping and satisfying… a rare event”
“A mesmerising performance”

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