Storm in the North

Idlib is a gripping evening of drama and uplifting story of kindness…It is also part cooking show and an opportunity to eat some fabulous Syrian food.

We make bread – the Syrian way. We mix the ingredients, add water, wait for it to rise.

We hear the story of a displaced Syrian woman.

When the dough is ready, the room fills with the smell of freshly baked bread. We share it with our friends and neighbours – and enjoy it with Syrian Meze.

When he was in Turkey, writer Kevin Dyer was told by a Syrian refugee, ‘Do not forget Syria’. This is our attempt, with baking, and a thrilling piece of drama, to keep the proud people of that country in our minds – with food and a story of hope.

It is a mix of conversation, storytelling, baking on stage and sharing personal memories of food and family, eating together and socialising.

Running time approx: 2hrs (no interval)

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