Haddock & Chips

CaroleW Productions

Taking plaice in Frankie’s chippy in Whitley Bay, we join Bob and Brenda serving up batter and banter in good measure. But, when the evening takes a dramatic twist and the chip shop becomes an impromptu arm of the local police station, will Bob, Brenda and the host of characters who pass through the chippy doors find the strength and compassion within each other to make it through the night?

In turns comedic and dramatic and starring Geordie actors Philippa Wilson and Joe Caffrey, Haddock & Chips is a real celebration of community spirit and is the perfect takeaway treat.

A pre-show light supper is available at Frosterley, Middleton & Todridge, and Wetheral Community village halls. For menu options and pricing please follow the booking links above.

* 2 for 1 performance ticket offer available for 16-35 year olds.

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