Bigger On The Inside

Kate Fox

Poet and comedian Kate Fox once thought receiving a positive diagnosis for autism had as much a chance of happening as a female Doctor Who. As such, since the Doctor’s 13th incarnation (played by Jodie Whittaker) in 2018, Fox’s life has changed quite a bit.

Blending stand-up and spoken word with personal memoir and her warm performance style, Kate looks at neurodiversity through the theme of Doctor Who. Taking us through the ways the iconic sci-fi show has shaped her view of the world, she shines a light on how our ideas of normality need an update and how we are all Bigger on the Inside.

Kate is a stand-up poet and broadcaster, a regular voice on Radio 4 and a ‘gentle activist’ for the voices of Northerners, the working class, women and the neurodiverse.

* 2 for 1 ticket offer available for 16-35 year olds.

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