An Attempt to Lose Time

Miranda Prag

Before the railways, there was no such thing as ‘the’ time. Villages and towns had their own local times.

Time was decided by the sun, and all people had to do was look at it. 200 years later, Miranda can’t stop thinking about time. What time it is, how long she’s been doing something, how long she should have been doing it, what time she has to wake up, how long she’ll have to sleep, is that long enough, and how long is left? It’s exhausting.

Would it be possible to live without time?

And what is time anyway?

Featuring musings on quantum physics, climate change, dinosaurs and the destruction of humanity, this solo show sees Miranda leave the city, take to the canals, turn feral, fix an obsolete diesel engine and form questionable relationships with moorhens in her quest to escape time.


Captioning: All performances will be captioned using a portable LED screen.

Audio Description: All performances will have creatively integrated audio description.

Listen to an audio introduction here

“A wonderful weaving of ancient and current ideas. I learnt a lot about physics! Miranda’s humour and personality came through. I loved it!”Audience member

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