Feedback from Schools in Cumbria, Northumberland and County Durham – February 2023

We’re grateful to teachers for taking the time to give us feedback about creative engagement workshops that we organise with Artists who are touring as part of Highlights main programme, or more regionally based All Year Round Artists. Oliver Sykes visited four very rural primary schools in Eden, Cumbria and County Durham. Class sizes ranged from 13 to 45 children and Oliver reached a total of 147 children with his fantastic creative writing, drama workshops. His show Alfie’s First Fight was also performed at Asby Endowed Primary School,  thanks to We Are Team and Eden District Council.

Daria Kulesh also visited over 60 children at Chollerton Primary School and Cambo First School in Northumberland, to deliver Music workshops.

  • Teachers said:

Oliver was very relatable – the dramatic performance (he gave) as two different characters.

  • This links to PHSE and English in the curriculum and we will share the book and this may lead to more English work.

The outcomes were about inspiration – what it takes to become an author. That there’s no right way to respond in literacy/ literature.

The teaching was excellent and children learnt about being an author, which raises aspirations. The children keen to write.

Children learnt about creativity, about being an author, confidence and developing aspirations.

The children enjoyed working with a published author and enjoyed the participation in writing workshop and then seeing a performance.

Daria enthralled the children with her storytelling.
They were intrigued by the instruments she used, they enjoyed handling them and creating sounds.
The children were very interested in where her grandmother lived and the photo motivated them to ask questions and discuss possibilities.
A thought provoking afternoon where imaginations were stimulated. Thank you.
The workshop was very much linked to music/art appreciation and participation.
The workshop linked to our equalities and school improvement plan, equalities in the arts/diversity in the arts. There were curriculum links to Music, Dance, Theatre and MFL.
  • Children benefitted from taking part in a creative experience. To develop knowledge and understanding of different cultures and the people within those cultures; To listen, appreciate and respond to a musical/art stimuli.

  • Children said:
  • I want to be a writer.

  • I’m writing a book too.

  • That happened to me. (lots of great comments about where the ideas and stimulus comes from for creating a book and how it comes together)

    • I didn’t know what to expect and that isn’t what I was expecting. The music is haunting and a little bit scary.

    • The music really made the story real.

    • I wish we could do that again!

    • This has really made me think. I didn’t think people in Russia treat people living in Russia like people in Ukraine.

    • I like the way Daria makes music and I love the stories. I think her grandma would love listening to the stories she is telling about where they lived and what happened to them.

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